Golf Editorial

20121230 Golf Betting New Year Resolutions


  • Bet each way doubles;
  • Bet the occasional treble;
  • Maintain consistency of staking. Increase (or decrease!) based solely upon bank size and winning (losing!) regularity;
  • Maintain a high level of research and analysis activity so as to identify bookmaker price overs;
  • Bet only on longer shots that are over-priced, 50/1 is acceptable; 80/1 to 200/1 is the preferred range and;

Skew betting toward Asian tournaments, where I have a proven edge


  • Bet on favourites; nobody under 50/1 (Mens) or 30/1 (Ladies);
  • Bet on Australasian Mens tournaments;
  • Bet on limited field events (min 60 starters);
  • Bet on Seniors events;
  • Bet on Matchplay events;
  • Bet on WebDotCom Tour events;
  • Bet on Season or Future outcomes; stick to the week ahead only and;
  • Bet for the sake of betting; if you don’t like anybody, then don’t bet

    © Copyright Mike J Miller: 30 December 2012