20191127 MikesAwards Mens POY


Atypically, this award has caused a lot of discussion and argument. The golf world is split between Brooks Koepka & Rory McIlroy; and rightly so.

Brooks won the PGA Tour POY; Rory won the PGA Tour Players’ POY. Nobody else was close.

Brooks’ award was based on a points system while Rory’s award was voted by players and thus contains elements of a popularity contest. Brooks won by a single point while Rory was the far more popular of the two.

However, these awards were for the PGA Tour season 2018/19, whereas mine is global and for calendar 2019. Brooks thus loses his 2018 CJ Cup win in the Mikes Awards context.

How can we Measure POY?

It looks easy; just examine wins. However, some wins mean more than others: a Major means more than a WGC which means more than a ‘regular’ tournament.

Among those ‘regular’ events, the PGA Tour’s Players Championship means more than any other regular tournament on tour.

In my estimation there is no unequivocal winner from measuring wins because:

  • Brooks won a Major; Rory didn’t;
  • Each achieved one WGC win and;
  • Elsewhere, Rory had three wins while Brooks had none.

Herein lies the crux of the argument.

Does Brooks’ PGA Championship (Major) win outweigh Rory’s: Players + Canadian + Tour Championship victories? I say no.

Who Performed Better in the Majors?

Brooks Koepka. His record was: 2, 1, 2, 4. Rory’s Major record was: 21, 8, 9, mc.

In summary, Brooks was the best Major performer, among all players; light years ahead of Rory.

Who Performed Better in the WGC’s?

Brooks’ record was: 27, 64, 1, dns. Rory’s was: 2, 16, 4, 1.

With one win each, Rory wins this category by dint of superior consistency.

Who Performed Better Elsewhere?

Rory did, by a considerable margin, with wins at: The Players Championship, Canadian Open and Tour Championship versus Brooks with zero other wins.

How About 2nd Places?

Rory (2): WGC Mexico, Omega European Masters.

Brooks (3): Honda Classic, The Masters, US Open.

No joy for the Rory truthers here; Brooks wins this category with 2nd placings at two Majors.

How Best to Split them?

I tried a points system, as follows:

Wins: Major 10; Players & WGC’s 7; All others 4

Runners-up: Major 4, Players & WGC’s 2; All others 1

Top5: Any PGA or European Tour tournament placing not scored above: 1point.

On this basis, Rory scored 28 points and Brooks 29.

Again inconclusive.

In Summary

  • Brooks won the Majors category;
  • Rory won the WGC category;
  • Brooks won the runner-up category;
  • Rory won the ‘Other tournaments’ category;
  • My points system could barely separate them.

So, does Brooks win or does Rory win? Or should we just call it a tie?

In the end, I decided to award my POY to Rory because: he’s more intriguing to watch and had less inconsistency throughout the year.

Cheers, Mike.