20200104 Follower Update re 2020

Greetings All,

By way of background, I firstly have to confess that for the past year I’ve battled to maintain the quality and volume of my SGB golf output.

The recent addition of twin babies, while ecstatically welcome, has exacerbated that struggle!

To compound matters, my wife and I recently recommenced building a new house, with all the attendant hassles inherent in: construction, a rural African location, too many thieves and low-skilled tradespersons.

Further, I’m involved as a mentor to three internet start-ups. I love this stuff but it does consume time and I’m not getting paid.

I’ve reviewed my lifestyle and have decided, at least for 2020, that I have to limit my time input into golf. I’ve decided to continue but on a less broad basis, albeit still fairly hardcore as it’ll underpin my personal golf betting.

So, here are the changes that are going to occur from today:

My core output is my weekly tournament form sheets and I’ll continue to prepare and publish them but will restrict them to primary & secondary Tours. I’ll therefore no longer produce output for lesser Tours such as: Staysure, Alps, PGT, LET, ALPG, McKenzie, Latinoamerica, EuroPro, etc and will cover only selected: Asian, Australasian & South African tournaments.

My sheets will henceforth be a Sunday to Tuesday activity. This will free me to more or less cease to be SmartGolfBets for 4 days per week. This is necessary.

My Blog is not hugely popular with followers, so I’m going to cease written output and I’ll be removing that page from my site soon.

I rarely record much Audio; I will cease henceforth and remove that page from my site soon.

I’m ceasing weekly Tipping and will remove that page from my site soon.

The annual Mikes Awards look likely to disappear. However the next one, for 2020, is a long way out so I’ll reserve judgement and see how the year pans out.

I will no longer publish a future ‘Calendar’ so my Tournament page will be restricted to this week and next week’s events.

I’ll continue to engage on twitter but the volume of output, and timeliness of replies to follower questions, will diminish.

That’s about it. I’ll do my best for you in the above context, as I always have since 2012.

Hopefully, these measures will ameliorate my issues and I’ll be able to continue as outlined. Worst case scenario, I’ll cease golf involvement altogether for a year or so.

Finally, you have my best wishes for all of your golf involvement in 2020 and beyond.

Cheers, Mike.

ps don’t feel even slightly sorry for me; I lead a fantastically enjoyable, busy & interesting life. I probably just need, at least for 2020, to  reduce the amount of time that golf consumes from 30 to 10-15 hours each week.