I’m a father of twins, management consultant, New Zealander, global traveler, philatelist and a sports fanatic with a passion for golf form and golf betting.


DM @smartgolfbets on twitter or write to panther22223 at gmail


I launched this site in 2012 as a vehicle to freely share links to my golf ‘sheets’ which have been the basis of my golf betting since 2003.

The site was mothballed in June 2020 when I co-launched a subscription site (GreenSquareGolf).

That business was closed on 31 July 2021 due to my impending inability to allocate sufficient time to keep it going; due to other business interests and a complicated family relocation to New Zealand.

The Future

I hope to return to normal golf involvement (podcasts, daily twitter, sheet production, independent odds calculation, etc) in 2022.


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