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Tournament Sheet Layout

Each sheet contains: the tournament field and each player’s:

  • Name;
  • Age;
  • OWGR (world ranking) average points;
  • Nationality;
  • Course & recent form and;
  • Several sets of prices, sometimes including my own.

The content of each sheet is standardised but the display width is shaped by Course Form. I firstly determine how many years of course form are available, in the range of 0 – 12 years.

For ease of use, on my laptop, I generally restrict the total number of form columns to 24, so if there is no course form I simply display up to 24 weeks of recent form.

If there is 12 years of course form available, I display those data plus 12 weeks of recent form, etc. For Champions & WebCom Tours, course form is less relevant over time so typically will be restricted to 5 years

To the right side of each sheet I display prices. These are prices from a reputable bookmaker or two & myself.

Tournament Sheet Timing

These sheets are about early betting markets and trying to identify value therein. I start work on them each Wednesday for the following week’s events and continue until bookmaker prices are available.

I delay publication until after I’ve exploited any tempting (i.e. wrong in my opinion) market prices. I then freely make my sheets public. Once a tournament is completed, I add the results and archive it until next year’s tournament.

My archived sheets date back to 2011 and my database contains all tournaments, globally, since 2002.

Colour-Coding of Form Data

I highlight Wins in yellow and Top10’s in green.

Tours / Events Covered

In all, the results from thirty-three professional Tours are stored in my database. I import results weekly from the following:

  • American Tours: PGA, LPGA, Web.com, Champions, MacKenzie, LatinoAmerica, Symetra & Adams;
  • European Tours: European, Ladies European, Challenge, Staysure, Alps, NGL, PGT & EuroPro;
  • Asian Tours: Asian, JGTO, KPGA, JLPGA, KLPGA, PGTI, CGA, PGA China, CLPGA & ADT;
  • Australasian Tours: PGAT Australasia & ALPG;
  • Qualifying School Finals (WebCom, European, LPGA, Australasian, Asian, Alps, LET, Sunshine & Champions Tours);
  • African Tours: Sunshine Mens, Sunshine Ladies & Big Easy and;
  • Amateur Tournaments: Stroke play results from: USGA Mens & Womens Amateurs & Junior Amateurs, R&A Mens & Womens, Eisenhower & Esperito Santo Trophies, plus sundry other amateur events of significance, such as: Asian Amateur, Brabazon Trophy, Western Amateur & European Amateur.

Note that my sole focus is stroke play tournaments. I do not prepare sheets for teams’ or matchplay events, though I do record matchplay tournament final placings.

For matchplay, if a player is knocked out in the round of 64, I record it a 64th, if knocked out in the quarter finals, I record an 8th, etc.


OWGR means Official World Golf Rankings and these data appear beside every player. I make an effort each Monday to ensure they are updated in my database.

OWGR rankings are imperfect because form can generate points for up to two years afterwards but, for stratification purposes, they’re a lot better than nothing.

The official source sites are:

Note: Up to 31 Dec 2017 my sheets displayed total OWGR points for each player; from 1 Jan 2018 onwards, average points per tournament are displayed, to align with global practice.

Course Form

As mentioned above, a maximum of 12 years’ form is displayed. This was just a figure plucked out of my ass during programming but I believe it is sufficient for its purpose.

If there has been more than one instance of a player playing a course competitively in any calendar year, all form data are displayed, comma-separated.

Note, where tournaments are played over multiple courses my database treats that as course form for all those courses. So, for example, a player doing well in the Alfred Dunhill Links may carry that form into my sheet for, for example, a British Open at Carnoustie.

Recent Form

All form data (including qualifying school, amateur & lower-tier events) are displayed, as final placings, for every player; not solely form relating to the Tour he or she is playing this week.

LW means last week; -8W means eight weeks ago, etc.

For some Tours of secondary interest (eg JLPGA, ADT, KLPGA, KPGT, NGL, PGTI) I only record in my database placings down to the cut point. For even lesser events (e.g. Amateur tournaments, Adams, PGT, NGL, etc) I only record the Top10 or 20 placings / quarter finals onwards, etc.

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