I launched this site in 2012 as a vehicle to freely share links to my golf ‘sheets’ which have been the basis of my golf betting for many years.

It also permitted me to vent my longer-than-a-tweet rantings on golf and, occasionally, other topics. However, I ultimately let those 70 or so articles slide into oblivion because hardly anybody reads more than a tweet these days!

By mid-2020, a combination of twin babies and several long-term hobby projects led me to a nexus point where I needed to either avoid the 25+ hours of weekly work on my beloved golf sheets or generate some money from them, to keep the wife happy; which is important!

This combination of personal circumstances led to the following announcement:

Important Message 8 June 2020

“End of an era & the start of a new one! After an 8-year free-roll for users, my tournament sheets are no longer free of charge.

This is because my extensive time input each week (25 hours) versus new life circumstances (twin babies)  forced me to make a tough decision: start charging or quit.

Happily, in partnership with Matt Wiley (@wiley77 Golflandia, Bloc Marketing) we’re today re-launching the SmartGolfBets service under a new brand GreenSquareGolf. You know those green squares, right?

In these difficult financial times for many, Matt and I have done our best to make our new service affordable; it costs less than $USD100 per year; less than $2 a week; for everything.

Secure your access now, sign-up for 4, 12 or 52 weeks.

Green Square features the same tournament coverage and presentation style that you’ve always enjoyed at SmartGolfBets. This means you get quality form data for every stroke play tournament, Mens & Womens, globally, on which betting or fantasy is offered.

I hope you’ll subscribe so we can continue our golf gambling journey together.

If not, farewell and best wishes for the future but do check back from time to time because we have in development additional services & decision tools that will be rolled-out to subscribers at no extra charge over the coming period.

Follow GSG on twitter to stay in the loop @greensquaregolf

Cheers, Mike. 8 June 2020″