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I formally started tipping in June 2018 and I’ll persevere for as long as I can maintain enthusiasm or until I have such a bad sequence that I run away and hide in embarrassment!

I don’t publish a staking plan; how you use my tips is up to you. This is not because I don’t want to be accountable, but because I cannot be bothered investing time in accounting; life’s too short!

A few Tips Highlights thus far:

Jun18: Annie Park 140/1 Winner

Aug18: Rikuya Hoshino 75/1 Winner

Dec18: Poom Saksansin 140/1 Winner

Winners are highlighted in yellow & Top10 placings in blue. This helps to highlight good outcomes and breaks up the black & white boredom of the text a bit.

I’m not trying to tip winners or places, per se, otherwise most of my selections would be at far shorter prices; I’m solely trying to identify players that I judge offer genuine price value and who are capable of finishing Top10.