Here is a link to all my tips

They are predominantly longshots that I think can place Top5, Top10 or Top20 at inflated odds. Naturally, I’m hoping for the occasional win as well.

The tips are based on seeking value so they are derived from my personal pricing of players relative to the bookmaker market. By ‘value’ I mean I believe the market odds on those players are too generous.

How to get my unique Odds on every golfer

Because it’s such a time-consuming exercise, my (proprietary) odds are displayed, in a timely manner, only on GreenSquareGolf and you need to pay.

Green Square is a subscription site that costs $USD100pa, just under $2 (EUR1.70) a week. It is designed for bettors and fantasy players seeking the confidence that comes with access to user-friendly decision data.

Greensquaregolf contains not only my odds but a comprehensive guide for every tournament. It displays tournament fields in the manner of a horse racing form guide or racebook.

Every player is listed along with their: Bookmaker odds, my odds, age, nationality, official world ranking points, course form over the past 10-12 years & recent form over 12+ weeks – across all Tours.

By ‘all Tours’ I mean the 41 pro tours globally that I deem relevant: 27 Mens Tours and 14 Ladies tours.

I should add that I only pluck one or two players per tournament for highlighting in my tipsheet, whereas if you’re a GreenSquareGolf subscriber, along with all player and form info you get all my pricing IP.

So, there will thus be a number of non-tipped players in every tournament that may grab your attention, and a number that you will swiftly eliminate from your consideration; or my odds may usefully validate your existing thoughts. GreenSquare thus saves precious time and may in turn lead to more successful fantasy line-ups and positive wagers. I hope so.

Can’t Afford It?

If you’re broke, or too cheap to spend $$$ on a GreenSquare subscription these tips might help a bit. I reviewed them recently, back to June 2018, and if you’d simplistically just placed an each way wager on every one you’d have returned a profit of over 30%.

Final Words

I’ve recently vacillated over whether to bother with tips publication but ultimately decided to resume sharing because the ups and downs are such a fun ride; it was unsatisfying to internalise rather than share that ride.

Hopefully a few continue to pay off at regular intervals.

Cheers, Mike. 2 September 2020.